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Log houses. Our company situated in the Russian Karelia has been building log houses for a long time. Today we produce timber houses using freshly cut timber (pine and spruce) and also timber which dried standing, similar to what they call kelo in Finland. We have mastered all three principal methods of building houses of round logs. At our choice, we make houses according to Russian, Canadian and Norwegian technology. Here you can see our products. By all means we can equip our timber houses with everything that is necessary at the customers’ option, and can deliver the house set with a roof and ready for mounting. Needless to say, we can make any residential log house or any building including a hotel or shop reception according to your design. Today you can order products with maximal log diameter up to 50 cm and length up to 12 meters. Within the European Union we can send a work team for the complete erection of the object. For this purpose we attract our colleagues permanently residing in Finland, Estonia or Lithuania and correspondingly without any problems with work permits. Here you can find examples of our latest work.


In our country we preserve ancient local traditions of building houses from logs. The proof of this is a simple example – it’s the world heritage object, an open-air museum Kizhi. The best examples of log houses particularly from Karelia are collected there. The unique preservation and longevity are explained by two reasons described below.

Here is the link to Wikipedia, where you can learn more about Kizhi and see pictures of the exhibits. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the first and largest church, from which the construction started, dates back to 1703. It is a very important point – such a massive and heavy structure made of logs did.not need any repairs as long as mid-20th century. 

  • Without a doubt, materials from Karelia are unique. Karelian Arctic pine and spruce have a very high density. One cubic meter of pine weighs almost 800 kg. The reason is simple – very slow growth of the tree during the entire life cycle. The local Karelian climate is very severe, that is why the tree grows very slowly. Yearly rings of tree growth directly point to this fact. The wood we use for our products is brought to us from Arctic regions of Karelia. It is harvested on the latitude of such cities as Kem, Kostomuksha and Belomorsk. Such trees grow only in the north of Finland, Norway and Sweden. But such timber houses like ours cost a fortune over there.
  • The Karelian Arctic pine is a very straight-growing tree; such forest used to be called mast timber. Karelian timber has been the commodity for export to Nordic countries for many years. At our production site we can use timber up to 12 meters long and up to 45 cm in diameter. An important fact is that with such length of 12 meters, the log thickness at both ends will be almost the same.
  • We always use timber harvested in winter and grown in dry high places. That’s the way it was done by our ancestors in the old days, and for this reason the houses collected in Kizhi have preserved so well. In winter the movement of resin inside the tree almost.stops and it is concentrated in the trunk. It is the resin that serves as natural preservative for our wooden houses. Such trees grown in high dry places are naturally healthy and are not apt to rotting during their life cycle.
  • The centuries-long experience of our craftsmen based on the traditions of our ancestors plays the main part in producing chopped houses. It is not enough to have good materials; one must know how to use it properly. Our competence as people knowing how to make log houses could not be lost for one simple reason. Of course, timber has always been the most accessible and easy-to-work material on our land. Such houses of logs in Karelia were built all over the place; that is why the skills have not been lost to this day. We are trusted on the level of the local government. In March, 2020 we are starting a project for restoration of a historic wooden building in the center of Petrozavodsk which was lost in the fire. The customer is the Ministry of Culture and History of the Republic of Karelia. The final scope of work is 800 cubic meters in the product. Here you can see our portfolio of the latest projects.
  • Given the present day exchange rate of ruble per dollar or Euro, buying a house from us is very cheap. And this, considering the fact that we sell products corresponding to the best world standards. Do not doubt that with proper treatment such houses made of logs can serve at least 150-170 years.
  • These log houses can be easily taken apart and transported to a new place without losing their quality at that. Even after many years of service such houses of logs will have considerable value. Sale and transportation to new places is standard practice in our parts. In our opinion this is a very important point, since it is land that is of greatest value. It means that after several decades of operation a future owner can just take these log houses apart and transport them to a new site clearing it for new construction.
  • Absolutely all our timber houses are ecologically clean. We always use only safe natural materials.


We offer any houses or structures made of logs including hotels and shops fully completed on a turnkey basis. A full set of pine or spruce boards at your discretion. All for the roof and floors or for internal finishing of absolutely any size for the final assembly of the house. We guarantee products of the world standard.

Any wooden staircases, doors or garden figures. Here are some examples of our work. We can also complete your house of logs with goods made from local Karelian granite. For instance, it can include table tops, window sills, fireplaces, or sinks. Karelian granite steps with decorations unique for your country. All products are of the highest quality with an accuracy of millimeters. Here you can find a website with examples of products and materials.

For those customers who want to order a house made of logs that have dried up on the root (in a natural state) PHOTO, we would like to invite you to spend a few days free of charge in such a house in Medvezhegorsk. It is a small Karelian town situated on the shore of Lake Onego some 200 km from Petrozavodsk by rail or motorway.


We always use only specially selected highest quality timber for such houses. In this case it is timber cut on the Arctic latitude of such places like Kostomuksha, Kem and Belomorsk. You can look where they are located. For the most part it is timber harvested in winter and it is exactly this kind of timber that is considered the reference for all log structures. People here have always tried to build houses from winter wood, that’s why they stand so long. Only in winter resin is maximally concentrated in the trunk, and it is certainly the best natural preservative. In Karelia large-scale wood harvesting takes place in winter. Therefore, selection of the best material is practically unlimited.


At our site in Petrozavodsk we offer the following prices. Traditional Russian harvesting has a great reputation in Russia. The example is Kizhi. Starting from 13000 rubles (200 Euro) per cubic meter in the product with the log diameter 28-32 cm. Canadian harvesting; its price depends on the diameter of logs. With log diameter from 32 cm — from 14500 rubles (250 Euro) in the product. Norwegian harvesting from 13500 rubles (220 Euro) in the product. Karelian pine dried on the root 19000 (290 Euro) in the product. For instance, a house of logs with diameter about 30 cm and area about 150 meters – it means 160-170 cubic meters of logs. Here you can always see the latest changes in prices. 


Based on our experience and unique natural material we guarantee building wooden houses, hotels, bureau and pavilions made from logs according to the best world standards. You can surely rely on our competence. Such houses of logs correspond to the best world standards. If you wish or if necessary, we are ready to make transactions with participation of a Swedish consulting company.


You can call our English-speaking employee at +7 953 529 09 08 as sown on the website, or write to our e-mail in English or your native language. It will be easier for us to work with you, if your messages are written in Russian, English or Swedish.


To calculate your product we need a project. Upon receiving the project, we can quote the price of your order on site in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Certainly we can offer all possible ways of delivery, approximate cost and time. If you are satisfied with everything, you can come to sign the contract or send someone to act on the power of attorney on your behalf. The contract is executed in your language and in Russian. When preparing a contract, it is repeatedly agreed between us by email. If you are satisfied with everything, you can come to our site. You can see the current projects with your own eyes. It will not take a lot of time, as a rule it takes two days of intensive work. During this time you can see the city of Petrozavodsk and visit Kizhi (only in summer). In case you are happy with everything, you can sign the documents and return home. After that we expect the deposit of 35-45% of the contract cost. During the making of the log house we regularly send you photos and video reports of the progress of your order. You can control the work remotely. As we spend the deposit, and to continue construction, you send us another portion of money. When your object is completed we send you another video report and can start dismantling it, find a transportation company and clear it through customs. At this point you can come again for acceptance. After that, we expect the rest of the money and send you your order. That’s how it looks. All the details are negotiated between us beforehand and are written in the contract before signing.

Log houses
Log houses
Log houses
Log houses
Log houses
Log houses
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